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gallery24seven is a new site which is a ‘spin off’ from www.foxfineart.com


Hello, my name is Vanessa and I wear a couple of hats with some of them suiting me better than others.  One that I have worn for a long time is wife to Cardin and marketer of his art and art dvd’s.  Cardin’s art can be viewed both here or in more detail at www.cardinfox.com


Mom to my adult son comes next.  He is an app developer who has really inspired this techie challenged mom to learn more.


Then comes my hat of being jack of all trades at a GP surgery which is exhausting every day and filled with lots of action.  We do make time for a few laughs, but there is also drama and sadness.  It can be both very rewarding and very draining, and it has certainly given me a greater respect for most GP’s who really put their all into the care of their patients.


I have worked in banking, insurance, radio (still my favourite), craft markets, volunteering and more.  I have always found time to read, write, listen to music with CCM, Southern Gospel and country being my music of choice.  And I love visiting craft markets and even attempting to do some myself, some being a little more successful than others.


I love to travel and see new places and meet new people.  Everyone has a story to tell and I love to listen to their stories.  My dream job is probably being paid/sponsored to travel with my family and write about our experiences.  An artist, a techie and yours truly … hmmmm …. one travel spot and three very different stories I think.


I will be looking into and also doing some Q & A’s regarding health issues, travel, art, crafting and technology – a lot of blogging and maybe even a little vlogging.


gallery24seven.co.za where you can shop till you drop, just reflect, or be inspired or all three


If you have any questions please use the contact form to liaise with us or email me directly on vanessa@gallery24seven.co.za




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Table Mountain DVD                               Oudsthoorn DVD

Table Mountain                 Road to Oudtshoorn

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