2019 the year of our Vatom

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We are active on this site again & tARTs are coming soon ūüĆĽ

So just because this site has been a little lax it does not mean we have. Cardin has been busy in the studio and I am loving ūü•į what he is doing.

We are also doing things a little differently this year. Lots of online and fundraising and we couldn’t be more excited for you and for ourselves as well as everyone we will be working with during 2019.

We moved last year and had all sorts of problems tech wise but now we are fiberised and ready to share more art, dvds, info and odd bits too.

Say hello to our latest family member .. she came to us with the handle Pepsi .. Otherwise known as Lady P.

A senior rescue with sass and a t t i t u de ūüĆľ



Vanessa ūüĆě

Swift Playgrounds for iPad


No GravatarHere is a great review of the new Swift Playgrounds for iPad from Apple.  Programming at your fingertips, and it is a free app .. download and get started, its that simple.

Swift Playgrounds for iPad, try it, you may find programming is something you will love doing.  According to Apple it is easy enough for any age or stage of life.

Requirements:  An iPad, some fingers, a dash of patience, an enquiring mind, lots of imagination and a sense of humour.  Because if its worth doing, its worth doing well while having fun.

Happy programming ūüôā

say what :o

say what ūüėģ

The start of the CoffeeCandour blog


No GravatarA little history on the CoffeeCandour blog.  Every so often something will just make me so happy I can sing and smile my way through the day.  Then there are the moments that bring a frown and a grimace.  So this is where I rant or rave, right here on the coffeecandour blog.  Some moments make me really smile and others make me really frown,  and it would be good to hear from you too.

I am not always right, but I do always have an opinion ūüėģ ….. why not?

The coffeecandour name came about because coffee (or tea) seems to be our go to in times of both smile and frown moments.  Have you ever been part of one of these moments?

I’ve got sad news ….. can you¬†meet for a coffee¬†¬†

Something great happened ….¬†can we¬†meet for a coffee

I haven’t seen you in ages …. let’s catch up over coffee

and you know what, somehow coffee brings out the candour too, the quality of being open and honest and frank.  Well that is the type of coffee meetings that inspired the name,


I also need to kick diabetes 2 to the curb.  So with shared knowledge on what is good on the health front, a lot of determination, a little research and a lot less pizza I should soon be able to untick that diabetic box.

The first step has been taken, the journey begun and while I have to doubt there will be rest stops along the way … I am on it.

To purchase please click on the DVD Image below 

Table Mountain DVD                               Oudsthoorn DVD

Table Mountain                 Road to Oudtshoorn

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Michael English, music with a message


No GravatarMichael English brings more than just the music, ? and the music is pretty awesome ?   Jesus never gives up on us but sometimes we are real quick to give up on Him.

The road behind brings to mind the fact that we are all on our own road trips, we need to let Jesus take the wheel as is sung so well by so many. ?. The trip isn’t always easy, we were not promised easy. ?. I Am so thankful that there¬†are always blessings along the way, even when we don’t recognise them, and those we were promised. ?.

We were also promised whatever we need to get through the storms and I guess that is true. You and I are still here so we must have made it through the potholes and speedbumps, the storms and the challenges so far ‚ėĚ?

Not just a Country Star – George Strait


No GravatarI read an article on George Strait today, which gave me a little more insight into the man and his music. ¬†I thought I would share it with you right here. ¬†It is always great to listen to good music, but when there is a story behind it it just means a lot more. ¬†Here is a man comfortable where he is at, one who has lived through lots of heartache, has kept his Faith in Jesus strong, and continues to make great music. ¬†It is so good to see a good story in amongst all the shallow attention seeking things going on there out in the entertainment world. ¬†Keep keeping it real Mr Strait ūüôā

See the article below.


George Strait reveals the struggles that keep his Faith in Jesus strong 


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